Artūras Braziūnas, author paintings

Painter Arturas  Braziūnas (b. 1970 in Vilnius) – represents  Lithuanian younger generation of professional artists.  He took to painting art world consistently and purposefully. He studied at the Vilnius M. K. Ciurlionis art  school. He studied painting at the Vilnius Academy of Arts for six years.

Artūras Braziūnas has organized over 30 solo exhibitions. His works are exhibited in more than 20 group exhibitions in Lithuania, Poland, USA. In year 2015 year author has participated in ARTEXPO art fair in New York. The artist presented his canvases for the selective exhibitions and competitions in Lithuania, Macedonia, and other European countries and the United States. The painter’s works can be seen in Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Australia, United States and other countries people in private collections. Currently the artist lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania.

A painter Artūras Braziūnas can be attributed to the XX century end – XXI century  neomodernism-romantics – those who continue and develop XX century  early modernists and  Lithuanian colorist painting traditions. He purposefully delves into color formal and conceptual possibilities of expression.

Nature is one of the main sources of inspiration for A. Barziūnas. He is free in improvisation to create suggestive images which pulsate in the fragility of feelings and the mood of space. Bright and individual Artūras Braziūnas’ painting style is achieved by never-ending searching. By sending out rays of goodness and beauty, his artworks unveil the harmony of nature.


All paintings are  for sale, pls contact :

Phone :+370 604 13138


Art exhibition “Hot day. Cool evening “

On July and August at 3 BURĖS art gallery located in the Big sails 2nd floor you can get acquainted with Asta Butėnienė art.

Asta Butėnienė (Kundelytė) (29 m.) is Lithuanian origin artist, currently has just returned after a half-year-long journey around the world and is located in Vilnius, where she set up a studio – shop. Prior to that, the author lived in Switzerland, France and Estonia, where the majority of this exhibition was born. This time the author presents a new acrylic paintings exhibition “Hot day. Cool evening”. All Asta works emits a special warmth, so it is very easy to feel the heat in the morning or the summer heat of the day. Another part of the work painted in blue reminds of a cool summer evenings.


Asta loves to use light and bright colors, so work spreads good mood and positive energy. The author paint only being in a good mood, because she wants the customer purchased its work acquire a good mood and burst at the same time. You are welcome to look around at Asta Butėnienė exhibition and gain new ideas and a good mood! Or just visit Asta online art gallery or the studio in Vilnius at Šv.Stepono str. 5th

Each painting is sold. It is also possible to buy reproductions of the works. So if you have any questions, please, ask an author directly or +370 623 38074


Exhibition of the painter Lina Zareckaite‘s works

Gallery “Meno aleja“ presents painter Lina Zareckaite‘s exhibition which you can visit in the first floor of business centre 3Bures.

The artist made an impression in the art world throughout a very short period. Her first works caught attention with her pulsing creativity, vivid imagination and multi-layered pictorial language. It is rather a rare case when people with natural given talent break free from set rules and bring completely unexpected results. Zareckaite‘s works reveal the seen and the unseen sides of the world, rapidly changing lives and the fragility of our existence. We understand it all through the touch, through the discovery of artist‘s energy, through the thinking about the human experience and its variety. I encourage seeing constructions of this world and complex rhythmical colour compositions in the works of this artist who is just starting her career. In her paintings, the “active” colours are covered with a few or several layers. A colour lies on another colour, oil paint blends with acrylic and spills into large colour patches, roughening up the surface or transfiguring into calm pattern. However, both the paint and brushstroke halt whenever and wherever the artist sees necessary.
Ruta Marija Purvinaite, art critic.

From the technical perspective, her style contains high relief and impasto painting which does not use a palette as the surface of canvas is the palette. For the same reason, multi-layered painting talks through coverage, daubing and openings. It is clear that the author loves the process of painting and the possibilities to play with (amounts and) layers of paint. The audience’s eyes get to experience her game-like “surface paysages”.
AP Dr Stasys Mostauskis

Should you wish to receive more information or to acquire the artwork, please find contacts below:,




Lina Benokraityte’s work exhibition

All June visit Lina Benokraityte‘s work exibition in art gallery „Meno Aleja“, located on the second floor of business centre 3Bures.

From my early childhood, I’ve been asking myself: who am I and what am I doing here? These questions opened up a quiet space in my mind, and my artwork came from that quiet space. In that space not only paintings were born but also poetry, prose and other works were created.

I am a physiotherapy specialist; I worked with people for 16 years. I learned to know myself and others through various techniques of physical activity, psychology and philosophy. And I was able to help people to restore the harmony between their body and mind. I understood that each and every of my paintings is a very deep and personal journey into my inner self, into that quiet space that is in every person. I wanted to share it with others.

There’s only here and now,
not closer nor further,
not earlier or later.
A dot in infinity,
infinity in a dot –
everything and nothing together….
If you are in that dot,
only here, infinity
opens within it.
If you are who you are
and you are where you are –
you calm down,
you are nothing and everything.


For further information or purchasing artwork, contact Lina Benokraityte at:

tel.: +37060142829


Valentinas yla

Exhibition of works of a painter Valentinas Yla

This time, at the art gallery of the business centre 3 BURĖS you can admire the works of an artist Valentinas Yla.
VALENTINAS YLA – painter, a member of Lithuanian Folk Artists Union and Vilnius Artists’ Club „Flatfish“, born in 1963 Anykščiai district, Džiugai village. Currently he lives in Vilnius. In 2012 he was granted the status of art creator.
Valentinas‘s painting is dominated by realism. He mainly uses oil, sometimes pastels. In 2007 – 2012, the artist paid special attention to the plain air painting in Nida and Vilnius. Favorites genres of painting – landscape and still life. During his creative period, the artist has held 22 solo exhibitions.
For paintings purchases and further information, please contact the artist Valentinas Yla via:
Mob. tel. : +370 618 86833,
E. mail:

lietuvaite (2)

Painter Agne Kisonaite’s collage “Modern Day Lithuanian”

Painter Agne Kisonaite surprises audiences with original projects. One of her newest works “Modern Day Lithuanian” is displayed in the first floor foyer of the business centre 3Bures. The exposition is open until the 1st of December.

Kisonaite graduated in graphic and interior design from Vilnius Art Academy. The main themes that she develops are modern businesswoman who is active, confident and sociable.

This time, the artist who enjoys non-traditional projects created a portrait (collage) of a modern day Lithuanian woman inspired by classical Ruseckas’ painting “Harvester”.

In her words: “Although painting I emphasised on the similarities with the “Harvester” in both composition and colours, my interpretation is rather unusual and modern. Modern day Lithuanian looks like posing for a selfie: her head is tilted to one side, lips pouted, she has a romantic look in her eyes and a sickle from the older days is replaced by a tool from the present – a laptop”.

The making of the collage took 110 hours. It is made from 5348 same size paper pieces.

More information about the artist and her work on the official page :

Skelbimas jpg formatu

Blood donation day

It is said that voluntary work for the same goal, brings community members’ together, for example, to aid those who are in desperate need and to those who may be saved with our help.

On this occasion, Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu Klinikos Blood Centre aims to provide society with as much information about donating blood as possible. If you would like to help leukaemia patients, those in surgery, those after blood marrow transplantation or little patients from Childrens Hospital, we invite you to donate blood voluntarily.

On 31st of October, from 9am to 5pm, in 8th floor of business centre 3Bures (25 Lvovo str. Vilnius) we invite everyone to join this beautiful and lifesaving event and to become a blood donor. Every donor will receive 2 tickets to a movie and other gifts.

Prepare for giving blood:

  • Blood donors can only be healthy people of 18 to 65 who do not have any chronic cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.
  • A person who wishes to donate blood has to carry an ID or passport.
  • Potential donors cannot weigh less than 50 kilograms.
  • Before giving blood, a person must have rested and have eaten. It is necessary to drink plenty of fluids: mineral water, juice, etc.
  • It is prohibited to drink alcohol a few days before giving blood.
  • The day before donating blood it is recommended not to consume fatty ant spicy food (meat rich in fats, herring, fried chips, grated potatoes meals, crisps, mayonnaise, hot sauces, onions or garlic) and to consume enough fluids.
  • We recommend not smoking on the day of giving blood.

Teo @Kedų diena

Formal footwear – to sneakers!

On the 24th of April employees of 3 BURĖS: the workers of TEO, Ministry of Finance, Huawei, Aviva and others – participated in a joyful project, named Kedų diena (A Day of Sneakers), during which they were encouraged to take up habitual daily activity, wearing comfortable footwear. And, most importantly, to take pictures of it!

Bigger part of the employees accepted the slogan of the day (“Try to Overdue”) by photographing not only their own feet next to a laptop or a morning coffee cup, but the feet of the colleagues as well. There were no disagreement regarding this project – neither from the managers of the companies, nor from the CEO of 3 BURĖS herself, who emphasized the social aspect on the sociality as the main goal of the business center.

“Even though the business environment binds to formality, the approach of the companies remains youthful; that’s the main highlight of participation in the project”, said Rūta Narutavičė, the CEO.

“We pay the biggest attention not only to the administration of 3 BURĖS, but also to creation of a harmonious and warm community in which not too much attention to formality or social boundaries is paid“, she added.

The first ones who were noticed wearing sneakers on that day were the “activists” of TEO. Due to the youthful approach and initiative Martynas Arėška and Robertas Skardžius were awarded with a specially prepared prize for “the sneakered-ones”.


Scandinavian festival of light – for the workers of 3 BURES

On the 12th of December those who were working at 3 BURES building complex were met with a surprise: the offices were visited by choir singers who invited everyone to gather at the main foyer and join the traditional Scandinavian celebration of Saint Lucia’s Day.

The 13th of December is a special day in Scandinavian countries: it is the day of St Lucia, also known as the festival of light, celebrated annually for over a hundred years. During the festival, which is focused on the annual struggle between light and darkness, chants are sung in churches, offices or even on planes, people gather to chat and have snacks. This special occasion provided an opportunity for the Swedish investment management company “East Capital” to invite the workers of 3 BURES business center to celebrate Winter Solstice together and feel the spirit of upcoming Christmas holidays.

The manager of the complex, Rūta Narutavičė gave a speech while the sweet smells of ginger cookies, traditional feast buns („Lussekatter“) and mulled wine filled the air.

„We are certain that in any kind of business the greatest significance belongs to the workers, as well as  fostering the virtues of democracy, clarity, and policy of transparency. Those are the reasons why we have decided to pay the biggest attention not only to the administration of 3 BURES, but also to promoting active participation in creating a harmonious and warm community, as it is both interesting and helpful to get to know everyone’s neighbors. This celebration is the first step towards a community creation“, spoke the manager.

In May 2014 Swedish investment management company “East Capital” became the new owner of the complex of offices, formerly called “Vilnius city harbor”. The company, established in 1997, controls approximately 2.9 bln. euros worth of both public and private capital funds. “East Capital” is owned by 6 international partners, among which – a few Lithuanians. The “East Capital” headquarters are in Stockholm, and the offices located in Hong Kong, Kiev, Luxembourg, Moscow, Oslo, Paris and Tallinn.


3 BURES – a new name for the complex of A Class office buildings

Since the beginning of the year the complex of buildings at Lvovo str. was given a new name. Yet, not only the name of the sails-like shaped skyscrapers was altered – the owners of the complex have changed as well. And they have some great plans for the future.

The complex of A Class office buildings, located at Lvovo str., Vilnius, now belongs to “East Capital”, a Swedish investment management company. According to the representatives of the company, this project faces great opportunities provided by the fast growing and competitive market for A Class offices in Baltic countries.

The name of the skyscraper duet was changed on purpose – over the course of the upcoming year, a third building will rise. The former “Vilnius business harbor” business center was renamed to 3 BURES (3 sails) because of visual marine themes in the architecture and interior, and urbanistic character of the environment. Rūta Narutavičė, the new manager of the complex, states that the future changes will consist of the new building title, a new identity based on Scandinavian values and further plans for expansion.

During the year 2016 – 2017 the third skyscraper will complete the 3 BURES business complex standing at 23 floor high and providing an additional combined floor area of 184 000 sq. m. A miniature replica of the future trio is publicly available for viewing at the ground floor of the main building of the complex.

Šioje svetainėje naudojami slapukai

Naudojame slapukus, kad galėtume suasmeninti turinį bei skelbimus, teikti visuomeninės medijos funkcijas ir analizuoti srautą. Be to, svetainės naudojimo informaciją bendriname su visuomeninės medijos, reklamavimo ir analizės partneriais, kurie gali ją pridėti prie kitos jūsų pateiktos arba naudojant paslaugas surinktos informacijos. Toliau naudodamiesi mūsų svetaine, jūs sutinkate su mūsų slapukais.

Būtini (2)
Kad svetainę būtų lengviau naudoti, būtinais slapukais aktyvinamos pagrindinės funkcijos, pavyzdžiui, naršymo puslapiuose ir prieigos prie svetainės apsaugotų sričių. Be šių slapukų svetainė neveiks tinkamai.

Dėl nuostatų slapukų svetainė įsimena informaciją, nuo kurios priklauso svetainės veikimas ir išvaizda, pavyzdžiui, jūsų pasirinkta kalba arba regionas, kuriame esate.

Rinkodaros slapukai naudojami lankytojams sekti daugelyje svetainių Tuo siekiama rodyti atskiram naudotojui pritaikytus ir jį dominančius skelbimus – tokie skelbimai vertingesni leidėjams ir trečiųjų šalių reklamuotojams.