Art exhibition “Hot day. Cool evening “

On July and August at 3 BURĖS art gallery located in the Big sails 2nd floor you can get acquainted with Asta Butėnienė art.

Asta Butėnienė (Kundelytė) (29 m.) is Lithuanian origin artist, currently has just returned after a half-year-long journey around the world and is located in Vilnius, where she set up a studio – shop. Prior to that, the author lived in Switzerland, France and Estonia, where the majority of this exhibition was born. This time the author presents a new acrylic paintings exhibition “Hot day. Cool evening”. All Asta works emits a special warmth, so it is very easy to feel the heat in the morning or the summer heat of the day. Another part of the work painted in blue reminds of a cool summer evenings.


Asta loves to use light and bright colors, so work spreads good mood and positive energy. The author paint only being in a good mood, because she wants the customer purchased its work acquire a good mood and burst at the same time. You are welcome to look around at Asta Butėnienė exhibition and gain new ideas and a good mood! Or just visit Asta online art gallery or the studio in Vilnius at Šv.Stepono str. 5th

Each painting is sold. It is also possible to buy reproductions of the works. So if you have any questions, please, ask an author directly or +370 623 38074