The Business Center 3 BURĖS is a complex of buildings with unique urban design, usually used in most of the biggest capitals in the world.


Responsible approach to the administration of the buildings. Scandinavian business model, responsible attitude to the administration of the buildings, fulfilling the needs of the businessmen and professional services – this is the standpoint of our new Business Center administrator – JSC “Verslina”. We will assure quality services for our old business clients that rely on us for a long time and all the new companies that will join our business community.

The place where business is thriving. Strategically convenient location of 3 BURĖS – Lvovo street, right next to the Konstitucijos Avenue provides the best accessibility when reaching all the important institutions as Vilnius City Municipality, Center of Registers, which is located in 3 BURĖS, Vilnius County Administration – everything either with a car or by foot. For your convenience a trade center and the old town is within reach. The urban environment ensures a smooth and rapid development of modern business.

Big and precious family. From 2008 when the Business Center was built and named “Vilniaus Verslo Uostas” (Vilnius Business Harbor) till today – the employees are the most important part of the Business Complex. From 2014, when the Swedish investment company bought the Business Center 3 BURĖS, the attention will be brought not only to the administration of the buildings. Creating a friendly community is one of our most important goals. By living with a liberal point of view we are urging to get to know our neighbors which is both interesting and useful.


Representative architecture of all capitals of the world. Both buildings – 86 meters high taller one and 60 meters high shorter one – are sail-shaped creating the marine theme of the complex. The exterior repeats the shapes of ship’s sails and the interior extends the theme with columns looking like ship masts. The spectacular view of Vilnius city seen from the offices inspires the business to grow and create in its own unique way. The third tower shaped as a sail, which is going to be finished in 2016, will complete the urban environment of the complex 3 BURĖS.


Harmony between tradition and innovation. There are more than 50 companies and 2500 employees working in the Business Complex. The main features of the interior: spacious reception areas, separated lounge areas and meeting rooms, stunning panoramic view of the city from the top floors that can inspire a business of any kind. There is a big diversity of business in the Complex – from the classical leadership model to the modern and creative start-ups.

26.000 square meters – for cars. For the convenience of the employees there is a separate 2-floors underground parking lot (16.079 square meters) which can be reached using the elevators straight from the offices. 500 spaces (10.145 square meters) 5-floor parking lot outside of the buildings are made for the visitors of the Business Center.